Welcome to Buinho,
FabLab and Creative
Residency in
Alentejo, Portugal.


Buinho stands as a retreat where artists, makers, writers, and innovative minds can pursue their projects while enveloped by the idyllic rural surroundings.

Buinho is a project driven by a robust commitment to social engagement and education, dedicated to empowering local communities and creating enhanced development prospects for the historic town of Messejana


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Creative Residencies

Buinho presently possesses three houses capable of housing a maximum of six residents in separate spaces and bedrooms. These creative residencies offer a distinctive opportunity, granting access to the fab lab, laboratories, studio spaces, and a range of unique facilities for creative work.


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Our vision is to build a network of creative spaces in the historic town of Messejana, always available to our members, residents, and other hub members. A cohesive network of spaces that extends and enhances one another, providing distinctive opportunities for collaboration and creative exploration.


The FabLab is organized into three primary areas: the workshop, studio, and an educational maker space.

The workshop is fully equipped with heavy-duty prototyping machinery such as CNC routers and laser cutters, a comprehensive set of tools and power tools, and Precious Plastic machines.

In the studio, you’ll find a variety of other prototyping machines, including different 3D printers and vinyl cutters. Additionally, the studio houses a large plotter, sewing machines, computers, and a small library.

Lastly, our educational maker space offers a broader array of resources, encompassing electronics, robotics, microcontrollers, VR kits, and various equipment commonly used for teaching digital skills.


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A selection of projects developed by Buinho and our creative residents.