The aim of Buinho is to be an inspiring place that fosters creativity, collaboration, and social innovation.

In 2015, we established one of Europe’s pioneering rural FabLabs.

Buinho has since transformed into more than just a FabLab; it has evolved into a vibrant creative hub and educational center, drawing creatives and makers from around the globe to the historic town of Messejana.

Buinho remains a dynamic endeavor, perpetually evolving and expanding its network of spaces, introducing new capabilities, and broadening project opportunities for all who come to explore its offerings.


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       More space

Between 2019 and 2023, Buinho continued its growth by incorporating three additional houses, thus enhancing our capacity to accommodate residents.

São Joao House, a traditional adobe house, located within Messejana’s historic quarters, was originally constructed in the 19th century and has recently undergone a complete renovation. It now boasts a spacious open studio, an intimate atmosphere, and picturesque views of the castle hill.

Joaquina’s House, a charming and cozy residence, is also situated in the heart of Messejana’s historic district. It offers all the conveniences required for a single fortunate resident, including a bedroom, kitchen, and a small studio.

Our most recent addition, Casa da Avó, is located in the very heart of Messejana and provides private lodgings as well as ample studio spaces for up to two residents. Additionally, it features a well-equipped and tailored jewelry laboratory.


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Creative Ecosystem

Our vision is to build a network of creative spaces in the historic town of Messejana, always available to residents, educators, and makers. Spaces that complement each other and offer diverse possibilities for collaboration and experimentation.

Artists, makers, designers, writers, educators— individuals or teams — you are invited. Let’s build this creative ecosystem together!


Buinho operates as a non-profit entity, with a dedicated core team of four full-time members, augmented by the invaluable assistance of international volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps. Our team primarily consists of accomplished professionals holding PhD degrees in Design and Education, capable of delivering artistic executive production, fab lab technical support, and high-quality educational outputs.

Carlos Alcobia
General manager
Sara Albino
Research and projects coordinator
Mónica Reis
AIR coordinator
Alexia Nair
Educational coordinator