The aim of Buinho Association is to be an inspiring place which fosters creativity, collaboration and innovation.

In 2015 we created one of the very first rural FabLabs in Portugal.

Today Buinho is something more than just a FabLab. It is a place where you can eat, sleep, enjoy the unique nature of Alentejo and make cool stuff.

Buinho is a work in progress — we are, together with our residents always improving the spaces and adapting them based on the overall vision and current needs.

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FabLab and Beyond

More space

In 2019 and 2021 another two houses were added to Buinho, to provide more space for the residents.

The house of São Joao is a traditional adobe house, located in the historic quarters of Messejana. Originally built in 19th century and now completely remodelled, if offers a wide-open studio, an intimate environment, and a beautiful view over the castle hill.

Joaquina’s house is a lovely cozy little house, also located in the heart of the historic quarters of Messejana, offering all the commodities (bedroom, kitchen, studios, etc) for just one lucky resident at a time.

Now the two houses together can accommodate up to 4 people in single and double bedrooms

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Creative Network

Our vision is to build a network of creative spaces in the historic town Messejana, always available to our members and residents. Those spaces will complement each other and offer diverse possibilities of collaboration and experimentation.

Artists, makers, designers, digital nomads, researchers — individuals and teams — you are invited. Let’s build the creative network of Messejana together!


As Buinho is a nonprofit organization, the people that are working on it are not doing it for the salary. They are doing it because they strongly believe that the space like Buinho should exist.

Carlos Alcobia
General manager
Sara Albino
Research and projects coordinator
Mónica Reis
AIR coordinator
Alexia Nair
Educational coordinator