FABLABs – new technologies in adult education

“FABLABs – new technologies in adult education” is a project of Strategic Partnerships in the adult education sector of the Erasmus + program, reference number 2019-1-PL01-KA204-065154. 

The project run from November 2019 until August 2022, and Buinho was a partner fablab.

The project FABLABs – new technologies in adult education was coordinated by Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie from Poland and gathered together the fablabs of Aalto (FI), Artefacts (FR), Reykjavík (IS), Robisz.to (PL), and Buinho as the Portuguese rural fablab.

During the project Buinho had the opportunity to host a group visit where we organized meetings with stakeholders, workshops in adult education and visits to some of our working places.

We also had the opportunity to develop in the course of this 3 years project a set of workshops with locals, including NEETs, artists in residency, and elderly.

And finally got the opportunity to visit and exchange practices with some of the most productive European fablabs, frameworking the activities we develop in a rural area and further improving our response for future initiatives in Alentejo.


The main output was a publication intitled “Fablabs in Adult Education – good practices from the European cooperation”, which we now share in the download section