From the idea to prototype, Buinho FabLab is the place where you can work on your projects day and night.

We envision FabLabs as important stakeholders for local development, attracting talent and raising the connectivity in rural territories. Buinho is one of the very few FabLabs in Portugal to offer the possibility of residency with individual accommodation and a shared studio.

Spaces and Equipment

Buinho FabLab is divided into two main spaces:


The workshop is equipped with a CNC mill, a laser cutter and various tools and machines for traditional woodwork. We will soon add a small silkscreen print station. You can download the full list of equipment at the bottom of the page.


Studio has four 3D Printers, a vinyl cutter, two sewing machines, several Arduino boards, soldering equipment and various sensors that can be used with Arduino.

We also have 2 iMacs and 2 PCs with software for graphic and product design, and a small library with books about art, design and management.

All spaces are open to Buinho residents 24/7

We are both part of the MIT FabLab and European Creative Hubs networks. Those partnerships are important as they increase our capabilities and provide access to experience and knowledge from these international communities.