Buinho Educativo aims to bring technology and coding closer to children from rural areas through a set of playful educational activities.

In Buinho Educativo we intent to aid children and youth from rural areas have better future opportunities by helping them to become more technologically literate.

Taking advantage of our community of creatives and our unique rural FabLab capabilities, our objective is to create engaging, rich and playful activities which can transform complex technology into something easy to understand and fun.

We believe that our future prosperity depends on the equal access of children to technology and creative learning experiences.

If we want to invest in the future and raise the attractiveness and profile of historic towns such as Messejana, we must develop initiatives to diminish inequality in education and access to technology in rural territories.

Our mission is to reduce the “digital gap” between the big cities and isolated rural locations. This is one of the main purposes of our association. Since its foundation, Buinho has been developing activities in the area of youth digital empowerment and maker education.