Lelia Byron

Featured, Residency
About This Project

Lelia Byron researched and experimented with creative plastic recycling. As the outcome of this project, Lelia produced two outdoor sculptures, titled Plastic Dreams: Sunrise and Sunset , which were installed at a town entrance. The sculptures were made from hundreds of pounds of plastic which she washed, sorted by type and color, shredded, and then molded into hundreds of individual parts with a DIY manual injection machine.

Lelia used plastic as a raw material for creative purposes at a small scale, a new and expanding area of research. Plastic has been recycled at an industrial level for decades, but creative plastic recycling is in its early stages. The Precious Plastic Machines of Buinho, which she used to make these sculptures, are an example. They are hand-built with easily found inexpensive parts and simplify industrial processes to recycle plastic.