Selina and Justine Latour

Featured, Residency
About This Project

For this residency, we came together from two different parts of the world – Selina, located in Montreal, Canada and Justine living in Berlin, Germany.
Our time at Buinho was an opportunity to reconnect and feed our creative practice.

We embarked on various projects engaging with the local community and developed a series of collaborative works. We hosted two workshops during our time there – an “Exquisite Corpse” drawing activity with the kids in primary school and a “Blind Contour ” session, where we drew the portraits of the elderly at a care home in the community.

In our artistic work, we were inspired by the scenes of Portugal: sunlight, shadows, bricks, greenery, decay. We wanted to capture the things we both took notice of. This inspired two separate projects: the first was a Body Diptychs. These photographs embodied our collaborative process, defining oneness within twinhood, our experience of seeing a whole in our togetherness. We observed from the same lens as we explored our surroundings, parroting each other’s thoughts and gestures in poses and compositions.
The second was a time-based ‘mural’ titled Sun Painting. At every half hour, we painted the shape of the light passing through a small window of a soon-to-be demolished bus shelter. A gradient of blues unfolded.